How to Apply

Contact us at 715-478-3371 to make an appointment.  You will need to bring the following materials to your first appointment:

Proof of identification for person being enrolled, for example:


  • WIC ID
  • Birth certificate, hospital record, or crib card
  • Photo ID (school ID, county ID, drivers license, passport, military ID)
  • Proof of identification for parent, guardian, or proxy (same as above)

Proof of current entire household income, for example:

  • Current pay or unemployment check stub
  • Current Notice of Decision Letter (Food Share or Medicaid)
  • Forward Card
  • Child support check stub

Proof of residence, for example:

  • Current bill
  • Rent receipt or lease with address included
  • Any document with your name and current address
  • Child/children’s immunization records

Proof of pregnancy:

  • Your doctor or provider should be able to provide you with this