COVID-19: Vaccine Information

**The federal government allocates COVID-19 vaccine to Wisconsin based on population size. Once the vaccine is allocated, Wisconsin places an order with the federal government so they know exactly where to send the vaccine. Orders may not include the entire federal allocation due to limited storage space or to ensure hospitals and clinics are not overwhelmed with more doses than can safely be administered in a week. For the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, doses are shipped first to regional hospitals (called hubs) before going on to locations where they will ultimately be administered. Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is shipped directly to locations that will give vaccine.* Similar to ordering a package online, once vaccine is shipped it can still take several days to reach its final destination. Once the vaccine arrives at a location, they are able to begin vaccinating the populations recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and State Disaster and Medical Advisory Committee (SDMAC) as soon as they are able.

*As part of the federal Pharmacy Partnership Program(link is external), DHS is using a portion of Wisconsin’s Moderna vaccine allocation to initiate part A of the program, which provides vaccinations for skilled nursing facility residents and staff. For part B of the program, DHS has reserved additional doses from the state’s Moderna vaccine allocation for long-term care facilities. These doses are directed to vaccinating locations by the federal government and are therefore not reflected in data for shipped doses. These numbers help, in part, to explain the difference between the allocated and shipped data displayed below.