Community Health Plan 2011-2015

Image of the front page of the Community Health Improvement PlanThe Community Health Improvement Plan is the result of the collaboration of community partners to create a tool for community agencies, businesses, local government, and citizens to take action to create a “healthy community” for Forest County residents. It is anticipated that this document will be used as a reference and foundation for many efforts within the county.

The plan can be most valuable if action is taken, improvements are measured, and enhanced health status is attained. Community change, and the resulting health improvements, is a difficult process that requires dedication and commitment. In order to meet the health status goals for Forest County, collective action is necessary among all residents, as well as community and business sectors. We invite all Forest County residents to use this plan to improve individual, family and community health.

If you are interested in participating, you can contact the Forest County Health Department at 715-478-3371.

A special thank you to the community partners who provided guidance and direction. Our agency greatly appreciates and values the collaboration it took by all to complete this plan.