Vaccine Availability for Phase 1a Individuals in Forest County

Forest County is helping to provide COVID-19 vaccine to organizations that have frontline healthcare personnel that are not affiliated with a healthcare system, hospital, or long-term care facility.

Individuals who provide direct patient service or engage in healthcare services that place them into contact with patients who may have COVID-19 are currently eligible for vaccine during Phase 1a.

Some of the healthcare personnel categories in Phase 1a include:

  • Certified nursing assistant, nursing assistant, nurse aide, medical assistant, nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Dental services, including dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistants
  • Direct care personnel, for example, people who provide direct care to patients, including in their homes (for example, personal care assistant, home health worker)
  • Emergency medical responders (EMR), including emergency medical technician/paramedic including all levels of EMRs
  • Environmental services, food & nutrition, buildings & grounds in patient care setting
  • Hospice workers
  • Long-term care facilities staff
  • Pharmacist/pharmacist assistant
  • Physicians, physician assistant/nurse practitioners
  • Transportation services to and from health care settings, for example, testing sites, dialysis centers, ambulatory care

This is not an exhaustive list. For a full description of who is in Phase 1a, see the Wisconsin State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee guidance at:

If you feel you or those within your organization are eligible for the vaccine during Phase 1a, please contact the Forest County Health Department for more information at 715-478-3371.  The vaccine is offered voluntarily and at no cost.

This process may take some time. The public is asked to be patient and to continue strong everyday precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These preventive measures include:

  • Practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet from people not in your immediate household
  • Wear a mask in public
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Stay home if you are sick and contact your healthcare provider to be tested

The Health Department will share more information about vaccine availability for other Phases as it becomes available. 

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns at 715-478-3371.

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