July 31, 2020


On July 30th Governor Evers declared a Public Health Emergency and a statewide face coverings order to protect Wisconsin residents from COVID-19. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that is spread through respiratory droplets that travel in the air from one person to another when someone coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice. A face covering forms a barrier and can prevent these droplets from traveling through the air. Recent scientific studies show that wearing face coverings is effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Wisconsin is seeing a significant community spread and increase in cases of COVID-19 which is why the Governor declared a new public health emergency and is requiring face coverings. All regions in Wisconsin have high COVID-19 levels including Forest County. When we look at where we are now compared to June, you can see a dramatic increase.

               June 17, 2020        

                    July 29, 2020                

When you wear a face covering, you protect yourself and you protect your community. This virus does not recognize county lines, that is why the mandate needs to be statewide. People are constantly moving around, and we do not know who is infected and who is not.

A face covering is required if: You are 5 years or older, you are indoors and cannot practice social distancing, you are with people you do not live with, and when in outdoor situations where it is not possible to practice social distancing. Remember that some people cannot safely wear a face covering, please don’t intervene.

Cloth face coverings help keep our economy open. They are one tool, along with social distancing, hand washing, coughing and sneezing etiquette, cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces, and increased ventilation, which helps to reduce the spread of the virus. When we reduce the widespread transmission of the virus, more of the things we enjoy can stay open and reopen. For the most up to date information please see our Facebook page or our website.

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