Forest County Quiet Waters Project

Kayaking and Canoeing provides excellent recreational value as well as health benefits for paddling. Forest County is blessed with 824 named lakes and many un-named lakes and ponds. In addition to the lakes and ponds we have 850+ miles of streams with a variety of water levels, rapids and stream impediments to navigate.  Many of the lakes and streams provide access to remote portions of our forest with very little settlement, making them “Quiet Waters” for you to enjoy.

The serene quality of our “Quiet Waters” is a tribute to the past generations of Forest County who managed our vast forest and who conservatively farmed our lands to improve and protect our water quality. In recognition of these efforts and the healthy benefits of paddling quiet areas, the Forest County Land and Water Conservation Department has worked with the Forest County Health Department to develop “Quiet Waters”, a program to promote paddling sports including kayaking and canoeing and the healthy aspects of such sports in the county.

“Quiet Waters” provides photos from, mapping and directions to areas and water accesses that have little development, little motorized use and a variety of water conditions from serene lakes, to wetland-wildlife impoundments, to streams requiring a variety of skill levels. The mapping utilizes Google Maps and can be downloaded directly to your phone or tablet.

The Land Conservation Department will welcome organizations or businesses to include the links to their websites to promote our area. We also welcome comments, suggestions of additional areas and submission of photos from the sites to add to the links. Land Conservation hopes to expand the project to include areas across the county and your assistance will be appreciated, please contact us at the e-mail above.  The following are the direct links:

Quiet Waters of Forest County- Lakes

Quiet Waters of Forest County- River Routes

Quiet Waters of Forest County- Impoundments and Wildlife Areas

Forest County Quiet Waters Brochure 


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